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Marketing strategy

Ambitious goals require a smart strategy. At Synlighet, we train our client directors to work fast and create growth. You have set a goal for your business. But how do you reach your KPIs for the Nordic market? We help you set direction for your marketing work - from strategy, to plans and implementation.

A good marketing strategy sets the direction for marketing and campaign plans so that all measures contribute to reaching growth goals. We assist with both the long-term strategic work and the execution of specific plans.

Segmentation and positioning are crucial in marketing. Which segments should we target? What position should we take? Which tactical messages should be tested? How do we make sure we are likeable? 

KPIs and goals create focus

It's crucial to link marketing to what's important for the business. This way, management can also measure the effect of the work and adjust investments. We normally use the following KPIs in marketing to measure development:

  • Build more awareness
  • Build a larger network
  • Build more leads and sales

We continuously work to build an increasingly strong and more robust "always on" presence consisting of both regular content production and creatives, communication, and media placements.

Our "way of work"

  • Monthly reporting and status meetings
  • Frequent dialogue
  • Quarterly boost meetings to evaluate measures, priorities, and collaboration.
  • Adjust marketing plans: (campaign plan, content and post plan and priority action plan
  • 1-2 times a year, more overarching market and competitor analyses are performed

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