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SEO agency in Sweden and Norway – grow your organic traffic in the Nordic markets

Synlighet has been one of the leading SEO agencies in the Nordics since 2003. We have a lot of skilled SEO consultants that can help you rank higher and grow your organic traffic.

Words matters!

SEO is about serving your audience the content they need; to do that, you must understand the language and intention behind keywords and sentences.

But in order to write like a local, you also need to understand the culture, the market and what people are talking about right now.

We can help you build an SEO strategy adapted to the Nordics and optimize your content accordingly!

Our SEO consultants in Sweden and Norway have excellent SEO experience and the local knowledge you need to succeed.

How can we help?

  • Keyword analysis

  • Competitor analysis

  • SEO strategy

  • Optimization

  • Content writing

  • SEO tracking and reporting

If you are curious about what your Norwegian and/or Swedish audience REALLY are looking for in the search results – let us know here!

SEO - hall of fame

We are proud of what we have achieved. Both in making results for our clients and teaching SEO skillset to marketing teams. 

  • Over 1000 participants in Synlighets SEO courses
  • Jury in Performance awards
  • Jury in Global search awards
  • Jury in European search awards
  • Winner of Nordic Semrush awards with Outland-case

Way of work in SEO

SEO is about understanding the intention behind searches and about making the best content to help the user solve their problems. 

Synlighet will help you build the cluster of great content that makes your domain rank higher. 

This shortly summurize out way of work:

  1. Learn about the target group
  2. Keyword analyzis and relevance check
  3. Structure keywords and URLs in a sitemap
  4. On page optimization
  5. Technical audit and fix weaknesses
  6. Building authority with great clustered content

Lets get started

Some of our SEO experts