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Handling data, insights and GDPR in the Nordics

Dont worry. We will help you with data quality and handling privacy in the Nordics. What is your data measurement plan? How can we use data and insights to strengthen our marketing?

We help you with your Nordic data strategy.

Synlighet has one of Norway's best environments in web analytics. We are Google Analytics, Piwik Pro and HubSpot certified partner. All our analysis experts have individual certifications in web analytics. This is an important quality stamp, but most importantly, it is the experience we possess after working with many different industries and challenges.

It can be difficult to understand the local privacy and GDPR practice. Local authorities have different reccomendations. We know how to be on the right side of the law and can help you solve analytics and data measurement challenges.  

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What kind of insights can you expect?

We offer over 30 different analysis. Here are som examples.

Market analyses and diagnosis of your market in digital channels

Where are you doing well today, and which areas have potential for improvement? Do you know your strengths and weaknesses compared to other players in your industry? We can help you uncover your current digital state and provide specific recommendations on where we believe you have the greatest potential for further growth in your industry.

Which market KPIs are right in the current situation? What are your customers doing, and what are your competitors doing? A market report will give you insight and better decision-making in uncertain times.

The analysis will cover:

  • How the market is developing, expressed through search trends
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • The latest trends in the market - what's happening online?
  • Recommendation for short and long term impact
  • Best tuning of existing advertising and activities

Target groups

Do you have control over who your target audience is and what their usage patterns are online? What are your target group pains and gains?

If you know your customers' behavior, you can target your marketing efforts accordingly. A target group analysis provides insight into who the existing and potential new customers of the company are. With the help of good data and proper analysis, you can gain a better understanding of your customer group, find out which target groups you should focus on, and gain insights into how to optimize the user experience on your website.

Website audit and CRO

How effective is your website? How should it be improved to achieve the goals you have set?

At Synlighet, we are passionate about delivering results. We create results through testing, measuring, analyzing, and changing. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your website based on the traffic you already have, identify problem areas and areas for improvement, and make changes that make your website more profitable by increasing conversion rates and higher values ​​such as shopping cart.


Who are your competitors, and how can you win over them?

Many may know who their main competitors are, but you may not necessarily know all of your competitors. Is the competition different online, and do you have the same competitors in all channels and surfaces?

It is important to be aware of who your competitors are and how they try to win over you in various digital channels. Through a competitive analysis, we can help you find answers to who your competitors are, what strategies, results, and competitive advantages they have, and how they perform compared to you. Based on the analysis, we can also help you with specific actions you can take to improve your own activities and protect yourself against potential new threats.